¡Buenas noches familia y amigos!

Today we woke up at 6:30 am and hopped on the bus to a pop-up health clinic at an elementary school in La Joya, a small community right outside of Jarabacoa. Once we got there, we split into groups with designated duties. Some of the ways we helped included managing money, checking in patients, assisting the doctors, and entertaining the kids who waited for their checkups. A group was designated to face-paint, which was a joyous experience for everyone involved. The kids at the clinic were shy at first, but quickly opened up with smiles and laughter after seeing the colorful paints on their skin. Some of our group members started a basketball game with a few of the kids, which resulted in entertainment for all. It is amazing how universal bright colors and a good ‘ol game of basketball truly are.

For the locals, the cost for the clinic was an optional 50 pesos (or one US dollar). Out of the 34 patients who came, only three were able to afford the cost. We also learned that this clinic is only hosted four to five times a year, in a different community each time. This realization was quite eye-opening, as many of us don’t have to worry about access to healthcare. We discussed the notion of privilege in context of today and also our lives at home. Our group came to the conclusion that with privilege comes great responsibility to provide resources to those less fortunate. Additionally, today gave our group a different perspective, showing us how much we take for granted in our daily lives.

Later on in the day we also taught our third session of English tutoring. It seems we have started getting the hang of connecting with students while offering a beneficial educational experience. Both our students and us as teachers are excited to be learning from each other in a unique way. The students are passionate about learning English, which sparks determination in each of us as teachers to provide sufficient lessons that will help them in the future.

Much love from Jarabacoa,
Anjali and Skylar

Group photo with Glimpsers and the doctors.

Valerie paints a design on happy boys at the clinic.

Cecilia and Natalie greet patients with smiles at the clinic.

Marvin, Alfredo, and Jishnu play a game of basketball with local boys.

Reception Team: Gianna, Skylar, Alfredo, and Marvin

Briseyda plays catch with a boy at the clinic.

Cecilia, Jessica, and Abby tutor English to kids in an intermediate class.

Natalie teaches excited students in her beginner English class.