Today 6-21-2015

We woke up at 5 in the morning of Reality Challenge: Living on a $1 day. We started the day by bucket showering with limited water.We could not eat or have much recourses  because we were living on a dollar a day to experience a $1 lifestyle. All of  the students were paired with another student in the group. Each  pair were assigned to a family and went to one house for half a day to experience how its like living in a $1  everyday. Each glimpser did chores like their families did on a daily basis from chopping wood, sweeping leaves, making tortillas, doing laundry and playing with kids. Glimpsers enjoyed lunch with their families before thanking them for opening their homes.

Today’s experience gave the students an opportunity to think about what it’s like living on a $1 every day of their whole lives. As the Leader del Dia, today I  learned to be more positive about what I have.  It is not fair for all the people living in poverty to hear you complain because even though  they don’t have much, they are thankful for what they do have. We should always remember we are humbled and we have the same desires as anyone else.


Aldo chopped wood as a part of his host family’s chores – he did a great job!


Mother Duck and her ducklings walking along


Playing in the fields


Futbol with the children


Francisco, our host sister, and Sujata


Eddy and Shara with their host family


View from Esme and Christian’s host family’s  home