Hi, Everybody! It’s Hailey R and Haley V, your leaders for working like a local day. (Ha(i)ley squared day!)

We woke up early this morning at 6 a.m. and had breakfast soon after. We headed to the Federation of Farmers to present our ideas for our Community Action Project (CAP) to a panel of community members. The community was very impressed with both of the ideas (we presented both a stable and a work shed), but more than likely our project will consist of just the stables due to budget restrictions.


After presentations we changed into our work clothes to work alongside community members. Some sorted coffee beans and learned how the coffee is processed, while others pulled weeds and filled bags of soil for young coffee plants.



Once we returned to the accommodation we had a bit of free time before English tutoring began. We tutored for about two hours then proceeded to have dinner and our nightly meeting.

Today was a very chaotic day to be leaders because it was three days in one, but we made it through and kept our energy high! More importantly so did the rest of the Glimpsers.

We asked the Glimpsers what principles they thought working the land instilled in Dominican laborers that are not often seen in “developed” communities.  The consensus was that this type of work created a sense of patience and a mindset focused on slow and steady growth rather than immediate satisfaction.

After working with these community members we hope that we can instill these qualities in our own lives outside of this trip.

P.S. Tomorrow  (July 6th) is a free day, so parents look out for phone calls from your kids! But, as many Glimpsers are excited to explore Bonao, they might decide just to wait and tell you all about it when they see you in person next week.

P.P.S. I love you so much mom and dad! Can’t wait to see you in few days, and this trip has been amazing. Please give Chloe love for me xoxo

Hailey Ramsey

P.P.P.S. Hi Mom and Dad! One more week and I’ll be back at home, but until then send my love to everyone at home! Xxo

Haley Vandermey