Hey everyone! It’s Lils and Nads here! Today started out as usual with the wakeup call being at 6:30 am, followed by a nice breakfast. After that we were on our way to the school for our third day of English tutoring, which went really well. Then we quickly changed out of our business casual clothes and into more comfortable clothes to start our CAP project. Then we enjoyed some sandwiches, juice, fruit, and cookies for lunch at the school. We then came back to the hostel and enjoyed some free time followed by our lesson planning time. Next was dinner which was shish kebabs with french fries and cole slaw (Nadia even got an extra bowl of rice from Ivan, one of staff in the hostel, thank you Ivan!). Our nightly meeting went well. We passed the torch to the next leaders which are Nayeli and Wiktoria.

For me (Nadia), the things that resonated the most was that teamwork and supporting each other during stressful moments can go a long way and can really make the process of completing a big task smoother and faster. For me (Lilly) what really stuck with me the most was being able to help out this school and the community because these students will be the next leaders. Their experiences in school are important because it impacts their learning and the decisions they will make in the future. Our CAP project will create a sustainable garden that will benefit the school and allow then to have fresh veggies and greenery to brighten up the space. We will also be fixing the playground for the preschoolers and adding a pop of color to the surrounding area. There will also be a mural commemorating our trip and our service to the school as well as inspirational quotes to brighten the students’ days.

Nadia: My key takeaway as a glimpser would be to just be open to new things and really take time to understand everyone as an individual, because everyone has their own story and obstacles that life throws their way.

Lilly: My key takeaways as a glimpser are that you have to respect everyone because they all come from different backgrounds. Another thing is that you have to be open to new experiences and be comfortable with being uncomfortable because you can’t grow unless you are outside your comfort zone.

This trip has been amazing so far and we are really sad that it is almost over. I just wanted to let all of you reading this post know that all of us are doing well and having a lot of fun. We will see you soon!


Sending love to all of you,

Lils and Nads