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Peace and love to our dearest family and friends, wishing the best from Global Glimpse group at Esteli. Waking up early two days in row, we had some more sleep today. We woke up at 7:00am and had omelettes for breakfast. We arrived at Fundacion Cristal for our first day of CAP project and divided into our four different groups, (the rock group, the tire group, the painting group, and the sandbox group.) Before dividing into our groups we did a little energizer where we enjoyed the different sound of animals made by our glimpsers. Then we did our unity clap with the phrase, “Just Do It”, to get the group motivated and energized. Each group did an amazing job with their project accepting the unexpected such a digging up what was thought to be a two inch tree stump and finding it to be closer to 2 1/2 feet, expecting flat wood and having to make it flat, and removing unending rocks. The group faced many challenges today but we let nothing get in our way of doing great things and making most out of the materials and time we had. At 3:30 we returned to the hostel after a long day of exhausting work. Then we had free time until our next seminar at 4:50, where most of us shopped and bought some snacks. During the seminar we wrote an appreciation letter to our donors and mentors. Then we had a great soup for dinner and did our nightly meeting. We are excited to see the outcome of our projects as well as the changes this experience will bring into our lives and as well as yours. Be safe and thoughtful with your daily decisions, we love and miss you all.