Hello, this is Dayhana and Makayla, your Leaders of the Day for CAP Day 2!  It was ANOTHER jam-packed day and we are so exhausted – so our update will be a bit shorter than normal!

Dayhana would like to give shoutouts to her mom Yajaira, for being such an amazing person, who has taught her to be humble and appreciative of everything she has. Yajaira is hardworking and loves her kids to death, she has taught her three girls what it means to be a women! “I LOVE YOU MOM!!!”

Makayla would like to give shoutout her mom Elvia and her dad Jeffrey for always supporting her and allowing her to attend this amazing experience. She also wants to thank them for giving her the oppertunoty of being independent.

Today we woke up at 6:30am again, and we accidentally disturbed Shannon, our GGL, who was having her free day – oops!  She was really sweet about it though, sorry Shannon! Hope you got some rest today!

After breakfast, we left for Los Pipitos to continue our work on the community garden.  Check out the blog from yesterday to learn more about the CAP project design and purpose!

Today consisted of raking and weeding the garden, fertilizing the planting rows, surrounding the rows with giant rocks, and the toughest part: picking out worms, one by one, by hand, from the local fertilizer!  We also had to make benches and paint our signs for the garden. It was really hard work.

We also learned about the challenges of doing development work, especially in a different language – it was hard at first to understand what the people at Los Pipitos wanted in their garden, but thankfully we had Erik (one of our PCs), and many of us also spoke Spanish and helped us communicate more clearly.

Then we came back and prepared for our next-to-last English class – we are already sad to soon be saying goodbye to our students!  In general, tutoring went really well, and we are hopeful to stay in touch with many our students when we go home.

One amazing thing happened after tutoring – one of our students, Leonard, a 16 year old Nica boy, got to meet with some of the Spanish surgeons also staying at our hostel.  Leonard hopes to be a doctor someday, and so this was an amazing opportunity to meet professionals.  When he met with Dr. Jorge, the doctor invited him to watch one of his surgeries tomorrow at the hospital in Esteli, and Leonard accepted!  Tomorrow morning he will get to be in with the doctors and see an orthopedic surgery – stay tuned for how it went!

Tomorrow is our final CAP day, and we excited to deliver the project! Thanks for reading – big love to you!