Welcome all to CAP day 2!

Today’s schedule was very similar to yesterdays; we started the day with some delicious pancakes, fruit, eggs and juice! After our energizing breakfast, we packed up all our essentials for the day and headed over to the school to begin work.

We plastered about ½ of the walls before lunch because the walls were not smooth and had holes before the plaster. Omar was leading us through the work and taught us proper plastering techniques. It was fun doing this experience as many of us have never done this before. We definitely gained some muscles while making the plaster, which was hard in the burning sun. There was a funeral happening across the street from the school so the mood was quite different then CAP day 1. Through talking with the locals at the funeral, we learned that there is a bell that sounds every time someone in the community dies. This was very eye opening for us as we have heard many bells throughout the trip and didn’t know what they meant till now.

We took a break to eat a spaghetti and meatball mix. This gave us the power we needed to continue the work on our project. After lunch, we had a little break to play soccer and volleyball in the gym while we waited for Omar to return. Some kids also took naps 🙂

Once we were all ready to work again, we split into two groups. Some started sanding the dried plaster while others put fresh plaster on ¼ off the walls. We cleaned all the materials we used (which was hard) and said bye to Omar. By the time we left we had finished about ¾ of the walls and were ready for showers!

After everyone showered we had a little meeting to discuss the group dynamic. This conversation brought all of us closer as well as made us understand each other better. This meeting took about 2 hours and led us straight into dinner.

For dinner we had nachos with beans, chips, lettuce, beef, and tomatoes. Everyone LOVED the nachos. Following dinner we had 30 minutes of quiet time for reflection on ourselves. Some meditated, others journaled, read, or focused on mental health.

Lights out was at 10:30pm and everyone was exhausted and ready for bed. After a long day of work, we were preparing for another day of CAP by going to sleep right at lights out.