Hello Families,

Today was not an easy day for anyone. It began with us all being exhausted from the previous day, waking up bright and early at 7 in the morning (well some of us). Today the boys had a hard time waking up early but still made it to breakfast on time. Sort of. Before we resumed our work at the school, we had a delicious breakfast of French toast and eggs made by our amazing chef Diego!! Once we arrived at the school we got straight to work with our foreman Omar.

We split into 2 groups, each doing work independently from the other. We had no idea what a mistake this was. As one group kept plastering, the other group kept taking it down. It wasn’t until people started getting noticeably hangry that we realized we needed a change in our strategy. After a brief but delicious meal at the school we took a well deserved break. During the break a lot of us talked to the students who had a fun time asking us about our love lives and our workout routines. Regardless of the language barrier that some of us had, it was still an enjoyable experience for everyone. Then, it was time to address the problem at hand. We called a team meeting about the problems in communication between the 2 groups and resolved the issue rather elegantly. Our progress on building the soda skyrocketed between the 2 groups.

From today, we realized the importance of communication to be able to have a productive CAP day and a productive life in general. Finally, we were work free and had time to burn. Most of us spent time down at the local park, playing with the kids from the school. Those who didn’t go to the park stayed home and played cards. Overall, we would say it was a very tiring day to be lider del dia, but it was rewarding because we were able to identify a problem and resolve it with relative ease. Some of our highlights include: seeing a toucan, playing with the kids, meeting a puppy, and “helping” leaf cutter ants on their long journey back to their ant hills.  (toucan pic creds to Aiyana)

We ended the day with passing the torch to our next amazing leaders, Amelie and Valentina!!!!!!