Progress after day 2 working on one of the two murals we’ve been designing as ADIC!

Hello family and friends! Greetings from Matagalpa, Nicaragua! 😄

Our names are Tamy Bui and Michelle Lam from Andrew Hill High School, and we are today’s leaders of the day! Today was CAP execution day two and we’ve accomplished so much since the project has started. We started off the day with a nice and early wakeup call at 6:30 AM (we never got our coffee promised to us by our PC, Alex, from the gold LDD cup 😢) and a breakfast of French toast, scrambled eggs, ham, and mango juice. We left right after breakfast and walked to ADIC to get to work for our CAP project.

The painting/design team spent the day painting the walls inside green, white, and brown. Also, we had the children and adults from ADIC create a mural out of their handprints to actually spell out the words of the organization. Because there weren’t enough handprints, glimpsers, PC’s, and leaders got to contribute a personal touch to the mural with their own handprints. It turned out extremely well and the children from ADIC love it so far. We’ve also made a lot of progress with the Dr. Seuss mural; we just need to continue to outline the drawings and lettering in black paint. Shout out to Nicole Herhusky for free handing the lettering! It came out perfect.

The interior ADIC mural made with handprints from children supported by the organization and Global Glimpsers!

The gardening team also accomplished a lot with their project. They finished laying out the dirt and painting stones for a pathway in the garden. Today, they completed most of the pathway and it looked absolutely beautiful, but after lunch it started to pour and the garden was ruined, unfortunately. The rain caused the garden team to halt their progress because it was not safe to work. Instead, they came over to help the painting/design team paint the walls inside and outside. When the rain finally stopped, the gardening team got right back to work and continued to lay out stones for the pathway and painted gardening pots.

The beautiful garden design / revamp also being completed at ADIC in addition to the murals. The garden crew worked SO HARD to make this a beautiful space for the kids, despite heavy rains posing unexpected challenges!

We walked back to our hostel for lunch at 12 PM and had chicken, rice, vegetables, and a delicious lime juice that everyone loved. After lunch, we had our money exchanged in order for us to buy our final souvenirs and more ice cream from Kiss Me (I love their ice cream so much!!! -Tamy). Then, most of the glimpsers went upstairs to prepare for English tutoring classes at San Luis at 6 PM while two other glimpsers had their leadership meeting. We then all returned to ADIC at 2 PM to finish what was already mentioned above. Dinner today was gallo pinto, steamed vegetables, avocado, and some kind of tasty drink (no one is sure if it’s tamarind juice or if it’s sweet tea lemonade… but it’s probably the latter) (I think the cooks decided to cook vegetarian for everyone tonight because we’ve had enough chicken – Michelle).

English tutoring at San Luis was a fun time for everyone, as always. Tamy’s advanced class has only about five students, but engaging in conversation with them and teaching them grammar and new vocabulary has been a great experience. Michelle’s intermediate class has about 20 students, and they always have a great time playing icebreakers and games during class to engage the students. Today, the advanced class and the intermediate class played an icebreaker, ultimate rock paper scissors, together and the advanced class finished with an intense game of Pictionary. Like every day prior to today, everyone walked back to the hostel with bright smiles on their faces despite the pouring rain.

As leaders of the day, we facilitated the first half of the nightly meeting by starting off with a summary of the day, a plus and a wish for the group (from Michelle) and a thorn and a rose as well as the question of the day (from Tamy). The torch was then passed to the next leaders of the day, Hayley and Josie!

We are currently writing this blog from the fourth floor of the hostel while playing games with the whole delegation and eating snacks. Overall, we’ve all become pretty close to one another throughout the past eleven days and are already looking forward to our group reunion in SF, In N Out, or some other place with lots of delicious food sometime this summer.

That’s it for now. Adios to our family, friends, and everyone else reading this blog!


To my family and friends, look forward to what seems like an endless supply of coffee, chocolate, bracelets, and other souvenirs from Nicaragua! To my parents, I miss you both very much and hope you’re both healthy and happy. I love you both! Also, thank you to everyone for leaving comments on the blogs; I’ve really enjoyed reading them. I’ll see you all in a few days! Big love to you all! – Tamy Bui

Shout out to my parents, I miss you guys so much! And congratulations to Katie for graduating elementary school soon! And to my two racket one love group, YALL BETTER NOT BE HANGING OUT WITHOUT ME (me too me too)!!!! Also, Gina plan a bonding for the day I get back so we can hang out before you leave. Mom and dad please bring me food when you come to pick me up at the airport, I miss American food! (preferably Soyful and fast food please) AND, thanks to Tamy for writing most of this while I was playing Mafia! 😁– Michelle Lam

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