One of the important parts of Global Glimpse is giving back to the community, which is what we did today. Today was day one of our Community Action Project (CAP) execution. We woke up bright and early, had a yummy breakfast, and got to the Carlos Garbay Farm. From 8-10, all of the Glimpsers (and staff) were able to replant all 200+ plants given to us! This included digging new holes, planting plants, raking the soil, throwing out old roots, and much more. I can proudly say that we all have earned our green thumbs. After planting, we began to fill 8 walkways with large rocks as a foundation to the cement. This was a long and tedious task but team work truly made the dream work.

After 7 hours of hard work (and a yummy sandwich lunch), we were able to finish all the plants, painted 5 walls, created 6 wooden garbage can roofs, and filled 8 walkways with heavy rocks. As a reward, we were welcomed back to La Primavera with a warm shower and a chicken dinner. After dinner, we had our nightly meeting that featured an original step routine created by Devea and ended the night with freetime. Today showed us that our commitment can truly impact a community. Until next time!

P.S. Shout out to Mike Shorr! Happy Birthday from Arden and her new GG Family!

– Loribeth, Mary Cate, and Grace.