Hi everyone! Your Liders del Dia, Nicole and Alexis, in the HOUSEEEEE!

Today was definitely a packed day. We got up bright and early at 6:30am with a little bit of Kendrick Lamar and then ate breakfast. We then left for the community of El Llano for our first activities of the day. In the morning, we were able to help with a health fair for the people of the community. We teamed up with volunteer doctors and pharmacists to deliver much-needed health care to the locals. Glimpsers were split up into groups such as ticket assignment, welcoming committee, doctors’ assistants, and pharmacist assistants, and got to interact directly with the locals as they received the help they need. The health fair was a great opportunity to aid the community and build further bonds with its members, as well as open our eyes to some of the struggles resulting from living in poverty.

After a quick lunch at the community, we jumped straight into our Community Action Project (CAP) presentations. The night before, we split up into two groups to present two different propositions to the community: a community center with three walls to maximize ventilation and a community center with four walls like the community had originally wanted. It was a late night for both groups as we threw together the design plans, blueprints, budgets, and material lists for the community center. This afternoon, each group was able to present their designs to a panel of six leaders of the community of El Llano to get their opinions on the two design. In the end, we decided on a four-walled community center for the community with both a bathroom and a storage room. We got to start the planning process by adding up the prices for the materials and coming up with a timeline for the three days that we will be working on the project. We are extremely excited to start this project in a few days with the help of this amazing community!

We came home to an American dinner of hot dogs and french fries! After dinner, the Global Glimpse leaders ran a self-reflection for us that helped us reflect on the day. Through small group discussions, we compared poverty in the Dominican Republic and the United States and what exactly poverty is in the context of the two countries.

Overall, this day was tiring but so fulfilling. We were able to strengthen our bonds with the community and discover poverty within the country and its effects. As the leaders of the day, we had to make sure that everyone was drinking water, everything was running smoothly and on time, and all materials are brought to and from the community. This past week and a half have allowed us to make strong bonds with our fellow Glimpsers, and our teamwork, friendships, and fluidity as a group is growing stronger by the day. We are so excited for what else is in store for us in the coming days!

Teamwork really did make the dream work today! Hope you enjoyed the update!!

Talk to you guys soon,

Nicole and Alexis

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PS. Hola Familia 🙂 – Alexis

PPS. Hi family! Hope you all are doing well… I miss you guys but I’ll talk to you tomorrow! – Nicole

Welcome committee for the health fair

Working at the health fair

All smiles :)))))

Design Group 1 presenting their design to the panel of community members from El Lleno

Panel of community members from El Lleno

Group pic with the doctors and pharmacists!