*PLEASE COMMENT* Finally, the day all the Glimpsers have been waiting for: Free Day 2! We begun the much anticipated day at 8am today, and at 9 am we had a wonderful breakfast at Roma Santa which consisted of chicken, granadilla (a fruit which is similar to passion fruit that you can only get in Ecuador), cornmeal with cocoa wrapped in leaves, and mashed plantains. After breakfast, three Glimpsers went to go buy materials for our CAP (Community Action Project) and the rest went out to explore the stunning city of Riobamba. Some went to the Internet Cafe to call their loved ones, while others went to Plaza Roja to buy more souvenirs.

These Glimpsers are embarrassed about how many brackets they bought! (or do they really want more??)

After our small exploration, we headed back to Roma Santa at 12:30pm for a delicious lunch of roasted chicken, rice, and salad. Once we recharged our energy, the Glimpsers set off again to continue their adventure in Riobamba– going to a pizzeria, back to the Internet cafe, or simply wandering around (although a few stayed behind for a quick cat nap). At 5pm, all the Glimpsers gathered back at the hotel for a bit of downtime and then at 6pm we began to eat an amazing dinner of meatballs, tempura fried bananas with maple syrup, and roasted potatoes. Finally, to end the night, we all gathered back at the hotel for a nightly meeting and some (more) free time before lights out!

Leader of the Day – Samantha!!