Hello everyone it’s Olivia and Anastasia!

Starting off our amazing fun day, we woke up at 7:00 a.m. to the rhythmic sound of maracas and began to get ready to go to the amazing Imabite for a traditional nacatamal and a starfruit and pineapple mixed drink, which we all loved!

Then after breakfast, we made our way back to the hostel to get all of our things together and head out on a tour at Isla Juan Venado, a private island on the coast of Nicaragua. Many felt privileged being able to explore the island and it’s gorgeous nature. We were able to see some beautiful plants and trees, iguanas, spiders and even some of us were even lucky enough to see a magnificent white feathered dove in its nest.

Jamie and her new friend Todo

Jamie and her new friend Todo


After we were finished with our tour we began to walk down to our own private beach to spend some time in the beautiful warm water. Some of us began with a little soccer and frisbee while others got to spend time in the water. It was such a joy being able to look around and see non stop smiles and laughter. Sadly our time at the private beach was short but we got to take our bus to Playa Roca.


When we got there we all enjoyed a tasty pasta dish with a sweet nectar juice, finishing it off we enjoyed some flan with some chocolate syrup.

View from our restaurant !

View from our restaurant !

After we finished eating we went down to another beach and engulfed ourselves in a competitive game of futbol on the beach, girls versus boys. We also got to have some of the local teenagers to play with us while our amazing Red Cross Representative, Gustavo, refereed the game. Halfway through the game though we (us girls) got distracted by the waves and decided that we absolutely had to go in. We were able to spend about 2 hours in the waves with Gustavo, teaching us how to swim with, under and over the waves. We unfortunately had to get out before we all shriveled up.

After another music filled bus ride session (thanks to Salina) back to the hostel, we had a bit of free time. Most of us showered first due to the immense amounts of sand on our bodies. After that some of us went to the Cyber cafe to get in touch with loved ones, some went out to do more shopping at Central Park and some even participated in an intense game of uno.

A little bit before 6 we gathered all together in the front of our hostel and walked to our favorite place Imabite. We had an amazing dinner of Cantonese Rice along with a Passion fruit juice. After helping Angel, the owner of Imabite, clean up we headed back to our hostel for our nightly meeting. At the meeting we discussed what we did today and how to make tomorrow even more enjoyable. We then passed the leadership “torch” to Tati who shared an amazing memorized poem with the group. Another day has passed incredibly fast. See you all in a week!