Hola everyone! My name is Sabrina and today I was El Lider del Dia. The theme of the day was global business and the question that we had to keep in mind was “On whom does fair trade have the greatest impact?” Since the day was starting off early, I had to wake up everyone at 5:30. After having omelets for breakfast, I had to make sure that everyone had all their stuff ready to go, which is one of the roles that El Lider del Dia has to do. I was really looking forward to having this position because I wanted to take responsibility and lead the whole day by myself with the help of others.

Our first destination of the day was going to La Garnacha, which is a farm that is run by many people in the community. Even though it was very windy, I was really excited to do all the different activities that were in store for the day. First, we went to go to a field to collect grass to feed all of the goats. It was interesting feeding the goats because since they didn’t get to eat the night before they almost devoured everything in sight. I also really enjoyed holding one of the baby goats that were in the pen because they are just so cute and tiny. After that, we went with Don Pablo to go take off the shells of the coffee beans and then separate them. I was glad to meet a person like Don Pablo because he taught us a lot of interesting things such as how some coffee beans that come from the same plant can have a different flavor to them and how he explained to us the process of making compost by using worms.

When we switched off activities on the farm, we had the opportunity to shovel up goat poop from underneath the place where the goats were which was interesting since we had to dodge goat poop and pee that came from above. The second destination that we went to today was Centro America which is a family owned coffee processing plant. One of the owners told us a story about how people came to find out about the coffee bean, showed us the different types of machines that they used. I was actually surprised that they didn’t have a website to sell their products all over the world, but I could understand why since they didn’t want to be treated unfairly through trade.
When we had our academic seminar about global business, I learned more about fair trade and how it is actually beneficial to the farmers who produce the crops themselves since they can get a fair profit from what they worked hard for. It made me wonder why can’t there be fair trade everywhere since it is the right way to go. Everyone who puts hard work into what they produce should be rewarded fairly.

After being El Lider del Dia, I gained and learned many important things. I learned that I should work on having more confidence on sharing my ideas with other since someone pointed out that they were actually good. I also learned that I shouldn’t be afraid to say what I need to say such as announcing something or stating my own opinion since everyone is understanding and they aren’t judgmental like I thought  they might be. In the future, I will continue work on taking initiative, sharing my viewpoints with other people, and to not be afraid to step up so I can become a better and stronger leader.