Waking up this morning (got to wake up an hour later!), I was very excited to see what the day had in store for us. On our agenda for the day, we had two speakers from different organizations tell us about what type of aid they give to people to help them develop.


Our first guest speaker was Berly Cordero from The People Helping People Global organization, who gave us an inside look on how her organization helps give aid of microfinances to people in Nicaragua who want to start their own small business. This organization is located in Granada, Matagalpa, and they plan on expanding to Esteli in the next couple months. The People Helping People Global organization gives a loan of 3000 Cordobas (100 US Dollars) with no interest to help them kick start their businesses. A lot of their funding comes from fundraising in the US where their main location is.


In the afternoon we went to La Amistad (Friendship), an organization that works with individual people, youth, children ,and young women to help them develop a better community. The children there shared with us what they have learned at the center about their rights. The center also helps young girls escape human trafficking and teaches younger girls what to look out for to not get trapped in that lifestyle. This organization is all about development and helping the children grow. Development is a process that continues until you see change and fulfill your destiny like a  butterfly that starts as an caterpillar and grows in to a beautiful butterfly. La Amistad takes the time to see change in the community. This organization is funded from 3 sponsors from Britain.


June is the month of celebrating children for all their hard work and commitment. We got to celebrate this day by participating in the La Amistad Children’s Day Celebration. This part of our day was amazing as we got to spend the time playing with the kids: blowing bubbles, jump roping, and hula hooping. We also saw the kids perform traditional dances and songs, recite poems.  A couple of our very own glimpers treated everyone to a duet (William and Cataleya) and it sounded beautiful.  Other glimpers participated in the hula hoop competition with the winner being our very own Michael (he’s really a pro!)  Getting the chance to see the kids be happy and filled with laughter and big smiles was the best part of it all.

We ended the night with another successful session of English Tutoring.  Although numbers were low due to everyone wanting to watch the Matagalpa versus Leon baseball championship series, we were able to go more in depth with the students we did have.  Overall all of our students who attended learned a lot!