Today was a tad rough only because we had two challenges : Waking up at four in the morning:( and doing hard labor like a local. The experience was eye opening in a way where we now realized that to support yourself and your family requires immense dedication and hard work (like literally). Some people worked with plants, some people worked with animals, and some unfortunate people ( Idalis, Sophia, Nyle, Kayla and Allyson) worked with doodoo at La Canavalia. But, even after all that we pulled it together and got the work done like a bosssssssss! While working in the fields of La Canavalia we couldn’t help but notice the beautiful scenery around us. The smell of the trees and the sounds of birds chirping were relaxing and helped the day go by while we worked. Some interesting things that occurred were hearing monkeys scream, eating cocoa beans, seeing cute sloths, and fighting off bugs (props to Jazmine). At the end of the work day we learned to appreciate all that we have and learned that hard work really does pay off. When we returned to the hostel we took advantage and used our free time to venture out into the city. And of course, while we were running free enjoying ourselves we got caught in the rain (extremely similar to hurricane Sandy) and became track stars trying to make it back ‘dry’. Still fine, and still going we decided to have the most SPECTACULAR show eva!!! Many talents were shown and we had an amazing time which helped our bonds grow even stronger. So, in conclusion today was both challenging, fun, adventurous, and came to a very sweet end. TADA IDALIS AND ALMA SURVIVED LEADER OF THE DAY!
PS: The fireworks that were heard at FOUR IN THE MORNING was part of the independence day celebration here in Nicaragua!