Hey Guys! Carsonn and Yubit here! Today was definitely one of the busiest days we had on this trip because we had to wrap up our community action project. We finished making the fence to keep the animals away from the preschool so the kids won’t be distracted during class. On top of that, we were also able to add the finishing touches to the mural, cubbies, and all the stuff we painted in order to beautify the school. After all of that, the local media came out and documented the work we did for the Las Cruces community. We are going to be on TV and in the newspaper in Estelí! To present our Community Action Project to the Las Cruces community, we celebrated by having a pinata for the kids. The local organization we worked with, INSFOP, was also there to hand out school supplies for the kids, and just seeing their faces light up as they received their gifts really made our day!



For Yubit’s Friends and Family: Today was such an accomplishment. Our trip is shortly coming to an end. It’s a good and sad thing. This experience has been eye-opening, and I’m glad I had the opportunity to be here in Esteli, Nicaragua! I really miss, love and look forward to seeing my family soon and shortly. Mom, I got your coffee before I saw your post! I was one step ahead of you! Dad, take care of Mom.

For Carsonn’s Friends and Family: Bruh, I’m gonna keep this real short because i’ts 10:30 right now and I still haven’t showered. Sooooooo I just can’t wait to come home and share all of my experiences here with you guys!!