Today’s Blog Was Written by our Lideres del Día Max & Neha

After much preparation, we began the delivery of our community action project to a local school called CECAINI. This school is run by the incredible Eufemia Gil, who asked us to paint multiple murals and beautify the garden in order to inspire the children to focus on their education. The entire group cares deeply about this project, and we are grateful that we get to open our arms to these children. These children deserve so much, and we feel honored to use the power of education to improve their lives. Discovering, designing, and delivering our CAP project has a been a humbling experience for everyone.

We began the creation of four murals today, each with their own inspiring messages. The first mural was of the Dominican emblem which showcases national pride. The second mural consisted of a sunrise which symbolizes the opportunities which come with a good education. The third mural will show the children where the path of education can take them. The final mural depicted a landscape created by our volunteer painter, Ken. These murals will welcome the children as they enter the gates of school when they are back from summer vacation.

We also took on the task of beautifying the garden, which meant uprooting many plants, constructing a planter box, and ripping rocks from the ground. In order to build the planter box, we had to cut and sand wood. We also had to nail it together, which was much harder than it sounds; at one point, we tried to hammer a nail into a hard knot in the wood five times before trying a different spot (we finally figured out it was because the wood had a knot in it). In the garden, we were tasked with removing rocks, concrete, tires, and a broken street sign. This experience was a a challenging, yet fun one that we won’t forget.


All in all, today was a very eventful day, where we were able to showcase our many talents and help the children of Constanza. We wouldn’t trade todays experience for the world and look forward to working on this amazing project for the next two days. See you soon!