Today we woke up at 6:45am to get ready for Breakfast at La Estancia. Breakfast consisted of scrambled eggs with a side of bacon and bread. Starting off the CAP 2, we took the bus to Llullundongo; we split into groups of painters and bench builders (the same as yesterday) to continue where we left off. The painters nearly finished painting the top half (white paint), and after painting the last layer of oil paint (reddish brown) and some finishing touches on the top half – THEY’RE DONE!!! Today the bench builders made roughly 6 benches along with the locals, sanded and painted the benches with wood varnish. Break was at 11:00am for everyone to freshen up, eat snacks, put on sunscreen, and chat with the locals. Then, we left around 1:00pm for the Hostal where everyone freshened up for lunch. For lunch, we had chicken with white rice with soup. After lunch, we went back to the Hostal to get ready for the 2nd last day of English Tutoring; At 3:30pm we walk to Verbo Divino for English Tutoring. Once English Tutoring was over at 5:45pm we headed back to La Estancia to eat dinner. We ate BBQ pork chops with a side of fries, rice, and vegetables; The dessert was ice cream and birthday cake. We had a surprise birthday party for our Program Coordinator (PC), Alex Herrera (27). After dinner, the group walked back to the Hostal for the nightly meeting. At the nightly meeting we went over the schedule: the itinerary, quote of the day (“Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, company work, society work, civilization work” -Vince Lombardi), question of the day ( “what needs to happen tomorrow to make the CAP a success?” ), thorns & roses, pluses & wish, and finally we passed on the torch to the new líder del día


Sorry for the Inconvenience that there are no CAP pictures (we were so focused on our project we forgot to take some pics.)