Hey family and friends! It’s Wiktoria and Nayeli that are writing today. We were the Leaders of the Day and it was stressful at first but we pushed through. Today it was a very early wakeup call at 6:30 am and we had a delicious breakfast. Then, we immediately got on the bus and headed to UE Kolping school for our last day of English Tutoring. Many of the glimpsers were able to connect with the students despite it being the last day that we taught them. It was a very emotional time but we made the last moment count and we will continue to keep them in mind and contact.

After English Tutoring we quickly headed back to our hotel La Primavera and changed from our business clothes to some comfortable clothes to work in for the CAP project. When we arrived at the Yaruquies Highschool we divided ourselves to our groups to go straight to work in the CAP project. Everyone was focused today and got off to a great start of the second day of CAP. Then, we had breaded chicken with fries and rice which everyone enjoyed. We even befriended two friendly dogs during lunch. After lunch everyone went back to working in their groups. Some groups decided to help each other which made it easier for all of us, making our project progress much faster.

We are both proud of our fellow glimpsers that we are that much closer to finishing our CAP project and making the Highschool a brighter place. Then, we headed back to our hotel and had free time until 4:00 pm. After that we had a program seminar where we had to write a rough draft for our appreciation letters to our donors for this amazing trip and then we headed to dinner where they served us a dish full of rice with vegetables and soy sauce. Once we said thank you to Ivan and Newton we waited until it was time for the nightly meeting where we passed down our torch to Christine and Mitchell.

Nayeli here, I felt that today the progress we made was what resonated most with me. Being able to bond with each member of the groups was fun and helped us push through the load of work that was left to be finished in the CAP project. Though it was stressful we all have the same goal of helping the students in our minds. My key takeaway as a glimpser was that even though we all had different ideas we were able to come up with a compromise. My key takeaway as LDD was that to be a leader you don’t have to be in the center and loud. Some leaders are able to lead and help in their own way.

It’s Wiktoria here and the amount of progress we did today is what resonated with me the most throughout the day because yesterday was our first day for our CAP project and we all felt all over the place but today we just powered through. In addition that we accomplished a lot than what we expected from each other in each group. Also, I am happy that we had contributed to this project because it can make a big difference in the children’s imagination and expression. My key takeaways as glimpsers, is to always contribute and help others. My takeaways especially as LDDs is that you always have to be present and live in the moment. Also, to make sure everyone is directed in the direction they needed to be and that always be considerate with other people’s feelings.

Nayeli and Wiktoria