Day 12 completed. We’ve completed our work on the aquaduct! We started our day with the wake up call at 7am and then breakfast at 8am. After that, we went to the community of Hatillo and began working at 9am and then stopped at 11am to back to the ranch for lunch. It was a productive and rewarding turnout.

Today I(Abianna) was time keeper and also helping out assembling the PVC pipes by gluing them together with the community members. I (Carter) also did my fair share of assembling pipes like the rest of the team and the community member. Enger and I also unclogged some of the blockages that we were experiencing when we were try to lay the pipes down. A little later, Olmedo (community leader) brought to our attention that one of the pipes closer to the river broke. He took Enger and I to help him come and fix the problem. Once we did that we were able to also solve some other pipe connection issues that we were experiencing in the strip of the community our delegation worked on. After some final touch-ups on our work, we saw the friuts of our work when the water started to flow all the way from its source at the river to where we were at. We had a pipe we still hadn’t connected and water started to flow from it. Olmedo and the community member congragulated us and said we were awesome to work with.

After lunch, we decided to go to the river and see exactly where the water was coming from (Despite a warning from the rain). We crossed the bridge that stood over it and admired it from the other side but only for so long. It started drizzling, then pouring, and we ended up getting back on the bus and stopped in the city to get some smoothies. Then we came back to the ranch and did karaoke. It was really fun!

After karaoke, we did a final self reflection of all the work we did for our CAP project from the last couple of days. Then we had some well deserved dinner. Following that was our nightly meeting where we passed the torch to our delegations last non-adult Lider del Dia (LDD) and here we are now!

Thats all she wrote folks, we did it!!

PS. Mommy, Kyil, Dad, I miss you guys and I’ll be home soon, also pickaxing is super fun! ~ Carter