Question of the day: How does it feel to help others? What role do I have as a global citizen?

Our team started the day off with a 6am wake up call and breakfast at 6:30am. We then went to our second to last English tutoring class where each group of Global Glimpse teachers created amazing lessons. We then executed these plans to our amazing students. As a Global Glimpse citizen, our role today was to teach our students English and that’s what we did. It felt great to help out students who are so willing to learn something as challenging as another language. Everyone knows being bilingual or even trilingual (they speak Kichwa, Spanish, and now English!) is a skill that is so useful in life. To know we are making a difference somewhere in the world is an unexplainable feeling.

”Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. “ – Margaret Mead

Today, this quote defines the Global Glimpse group of 2018. It was CAP day #2 and indeed, our small group of 26 citizens got work done on a huge farm. We accomplished so much yesterday, got even more busy today, and tomorrow we might even finish earlier than we think. Our whole group worked so hard today starting to put in concrete into our walkways, built all six trash cans, leaving only the painting, the installation of the barrels, and painting murals on the wall for tomorrow. Midway, we had a delicious with chicken, rice, and salad. We then went back to work. Our team is definitely ready for CAP day #3!

To finish up, we are having an amazing time. We can’t wait to come home and tell our parents about the amazing experiences we’re having because the blogs are never enough.

PS- Don’t be surprised if we come back speaking a new language.


The leaders of the day Devea, Kayla, and Brandy