¡Hola amigos y familia! This is Itzel and Alyssa, today’s LDDs for CAP Day 2. As you all may know, we are working with a non-profit organization called Barrilete to improve their living spaces and beautify their outdoor area. We arrived early at Barrilete to work on our project. After today, we’re happy to see the progress done so far. We are almost done painting the murals in the boys’ and girls’ room, and the shelves, plant pots, and tires are almost completed. Even though we had to paint the speed bump several times, it is already being put to use.

All of us were very determined to get as much done since we only had two days left to wok on our CAP. I, Alyssa, worked in the girls room and helped paint the seasons on the walls. The wall that I sketched, winter, has dark grey clouds, a light grey sky, a bare tree, and a snowman. We just need to finish up the final details on the snowman and the sky. I, Itzel, worked on painting the plant pots and tires outside. The newly painted  tires are giving Barrilete a more vibrant and colorful look. Tomorrow, I’ll be finishing up the plant pots too.

At first, we were all hyped listening and singing along to Camila, our program coordinator’s, playlist; however, at around 2 p.m., the energy level decreased. There is no ventilation in the kids’ rooms, so everyone who helped paint the murals was drenched in sweat. The heat was beating down on us, so even being outside didn’t make it any better. Yet, even though the hot weather was trying to get the best of us, we knew we had to continue and work our hardest.

After the CAP, we headed to dinner at Imabite and to English tutoring, my (Itzel’s) favorite part of the day. Our students are slowly but surely improving their English skills. Due to today’s busy schedule at Barrilete, we didn’t have much time to prep so the class was very relaxing.

Today, one of the important resources that helped us the most was teamwork. We learned that even with a small group, with commitment and passion for our project, we can accomplish a lot in one day. We are very proud of our dedication and improvements since yesterday and we can’t wait to see the final results tomorrow. Thanks for reading!

Alyssa and Itzel

P.s. Hi mom I miss youuuuuu, ya te quiero ver!! – Itzel

P.p.s. Hi everyone at home! I love you and miss you! Can’t wait to see you! – Alyssa