When I say hey you say ho. HEYYY! HOOO!

We started the day with pretty cool wake up call and a YUCCA breakfast! We made our way to Mata de Cadillo, the community where we are doing our Community Action Project. This was our first day of construction on the kitchen. We arrived to find part of the foundation cleared and joined the locals in leveling the land in order to build the foundation of the kitchen. One group worked on building the table while the other did manual labor like shoveling, pick-axing, and mixing cement. It was satisfying to work with the locals and fun to work together with our group while listening to music. We are looking forward to CAP day 2 tomorrow! Shoutout to the Rodriguez Family!

Over & Out,

FREDO and Marviiiiiiiiin

P.S. Here are some photos of today 🙂

Jishnu and Anjali shoveling and pick-axing in order to level the foundation for the kitchen.

Jess putting blood, sweat, and dirt onto the shovel and working hard. (Went to get glass of water after this picture.)

Marvin, Lorenzo, and CJ mixing cement.

Rich taking a local kid for a ride!

Jishnu, Anjali, and Cecilia working hard.

Valerie and Abby twisting metal rods together to build the foundation structure while Gianna supervises them.

Alfredo says hi.

Rich playing minecraft IRL (in real life).

Briseyda and Clara help build the table.

Table Team (Natalie, Ava, Skylar, Clara, Jess, and Briseyda)

The group learning how build the table.

BREAK TIME: Massage train (CJ, Lorenzo, Marvin, Yadira, Valerie, Natelie, Rich)

The kitchen squad!