With only 7 days left, we all enjoyed our free day together. We all got to bond with each other and have lots of fun in and out of the hostel. But before we got to enjoy our free time, we spent last night together putting on a talent show with such talented and goofy performances. We had amazing singers, Idalis, Alma, Tiffany, Allyson, Rachel, and me :). We also had a great dancing performance by Nyle, Jennifer, Cheston, Tiffany, and Idalis and a hilarious improv by Noe, Nyle and Cheston; and such dramatic acting especially by Alessandro. We ended the night in such a fun little bonding way <3. We woke up at 8:30 AM finally! Extra hours of sleep, thank goodness! We ate some yummy pancakes with papayas, pineapple, watermelon, and bananas! MMM! Then we had to start our CAP presentation for Monday. We all are going to work hard to leave a good impact on a little part of Matagalpa <3. We then finally got 6 hours of free time! Everyone spent their day making calls at the calling center, getting some yummy coffee and ice cream, walking around exploring and of course I went shopping! Overall it was a long day of relaxing, bonding, new friendships forming, and lots of fun! A break that we ALL needed and I'm glad I was leader of the day for our free day because of all the positive energy and vibes I had that kept everyone going today, and I was so proud of everyone really taking the time to bond and chill like a real big family:)

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