Hey Everyone! My name is Vishnupriya and I was today’s Leader of the Day!  We began our day by finalizing our CAP (Community Action Project) ideas and presentation material. During this time we made sure to calculate the amount of money that each project idea requires by estimating the amounts of materials we need to purchase with our donation money. After all our hard work, each of the three groups (which includes the mural group, the soccer goal group, and the school beautification group) presented their ideas to Rani, Vanessa, Karen, and Lauren! Each group received feedback that helped us further determine how we will execute our CAP on the 19th. In honor of our theme of the day, “Preservation of Culture,” headed to the rural village, San Claudio. Here, we worked alongside the women in the community by making pottery under their guidance. After we finished, many of us joined a group of local kids to play soccer. The biggest thing my peers and I learned today is the importance of preserving our culture. We learned that it takes a lot of passion and requires very little money for a community as a whole to come together to preserve their roots.  I am extremely proud of my group for having great energy throughout the day, even when most of us were extremely tired from waking up so early yesterday.  Lastly, the most outstanding thing I learned as Leader of the Day is to be flexible with ideas. I understood that sometimes it is better to go with the flow and see what the group as a whole is interested in doing.

P.S. I love you Mom and Dad.


pottery class

pottery class