Hey everyone, it’s David! Today marks our first Community Action Project day, where we started the foundation of the community center for the locals of El Llano. We were transported to El Llano early this morning, and we started working at 9:15am. It was very strenuous work; first, we had to dig up the area and clear the tree roots. Afterwords, we had to cut steel wires under the supervision of the locals and our Global Glimpse leaders. From then we had to form the wires into pillars to act as a stable base for the foundation. Following our hard work, we took a one hour lunch break at one of the locals’ houses. We enjoyed a meal consisting of corn bread, white rice, salad, and brown rice with sausage mixed in. When we got back to work, the locals already laid out the materials necessary to make concrete. The MVPs of today’s manual labor who showed extra passion in their efforts to make the community center possible, goes to Alexis, Saul, Mac, Micah, and Nicole.

Getting back to the accommodation, the group was awarded two hours of exploration time in the city. Many traveled in big groups of six to get smoothies and souvenirs for loved ones back home. During the exploration hours all the Glimpsers met up at a shop that sold key chains, pendents, necklaces, bracelets, and magnets. The owner of the shop was a very kind man who was glad to help all of us with our purchases and made sure we were content with what we bought.

Moving onto tonight’s seminar, we began our appreciation letters to important contributors that made this trip possible. Half of the contributors were from the U.S., such as people from United Airlines, while others were based in Jarabacoa.

That pretty much covers what went on today 🙂

Thanks for reading,

David Nguyen

P.S. I miss you guys back home! (Especially Kobe hehe) Love you all and can’t wait to see you soon <3 – Jealizza

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