Hello everyone! Who is speaking you may ask? Chad from “The Bachelorette”? Guess again! It’s Suzanna Keystone and Nova Mitchell. We had a fabulous time being the leaders today and we are counting down the days that we get to see all of you!

Today was the first day of our CAP (community action project). We started our day by waking up at 7:00 a.m., which was a nice change from the past couple of 5:00 a.m. wake up calls! Then, we ate a wonderful pancake breakfast, which all of us were very excited about because the Nutella and peanut butter that we bought on our free day was finally going to use! After eating breakfast, we left Hotel Chico to go to Escuela Santa Cruz, which is the elementary school that we are working at for the next couple of days. When we got there, we broke up into three groups: construction, painting, and design. The painting group started to prime the front wall of the school while the design team worked on the mural that they plan to paint on the wall. Meanwhile, the construction team cleaned up the basketball court and worked on the garden. We all worked extremely hard to make sure that we got enough work done for our first day. After working for about three hours, we ate a delicious lunch at the school that was prepared by the hotel. After eating, we went into our tutoring groups to plan our English lessons for the night. We worked on the lessons for about thirty minutes and then went back to work. We continued to work hard and together we completed the work we needed for day one by 3:00 p.m.

Although we were very tired, we all got on the bus to go back to Hotel Chico to have a program seminar, where we wrote letters of appreciation to Global Glimpse donors. The letters helped us reflect on our trip and realize how fortunate we are to be here, as well as the impact this experience will have on our futures. Later, we all gathered around the table for a lovely soup dinner with a side of tortillas and rice. Then, we went to English tutoring where we all had a successful day and prepared our students for the talent show on Friday! We then had a great nightly meeting where we all bonded and reflected on our tiring day. We then passed the torch to the next leaders of the day, Griselda and Catiana, who you will be hearing from tomorrow!

Signing off!

Suzanna and Nova