Our day started with an early wake up call at 6:45am. Licelot cooked us a wonderful breakfast of ham and cheese slices. The amazing Javier and Angie then drove us to Batey Palavé where we would start our massive Community Action Project. When we arrived we saw that community members had already set to work. We then split up into three groups: Mural Painting, Clean-Up Crew, and Playground Construction. Plenty of children and locals came over to assist us, which was a great help!

At noon, we paused our work for a lunch break at the Imagine Center. The chefs Bartolina and Ramona, served us rice with some lentils, beef, gnocchi, arapitas, and salad. Right after thanking our chefs, we continued working on our CAP at the Batey for another hour. More children came into the park and began playing with the new and improved additions to the park: such as see-saws, swings and a slide! 

By 3:45pm, we were back at the Fundacion. We broke for mandatory showers and then went on preparing for our final English tutoring sessions. Since we were parting with our students, many classes decided to throw pizza parties in celebration. Unfortunately, many did not come because it started raining. But, multiple classes joined as one and partied together! It was a bittersweet end to tutoring our students.

We hope will make progress tomorrow. We know that Emma and Jeffrey will lead us to success with our CAP! 

Here are some great photos of the day: