Hello all,

Writing from the depths of San Juan de la Maguana! Today we embarked on our CAP Day 2. As the morning sun rose, SJM2C rubbed the sleep from their eyes and strolled off to eat a lovely breakfast at Rosaura’s. This delicacy consisted of warm toast, fried eggs, vibrant fruit salad, all paired with a satisfactory cup of hot chocolate. Once we emptied our plates and filled our tummies, our delightful bus driver whisked us off to the welcoming arms of the Suarez community. From there, glimpsers assisted the community in┬áconstructing the walls of the soon-to-be cafeteria.

Throughout the day, we sifted dirt, mixed cement, fetched water, and paved cinderblock walls. Indeed it was hot, however it was neat to see the delegation prevail. The laborious work was briefly paused by our scrumptious lunch. Glimpsers consumed a cornucopias amount of rice with corn, chicken with vegetables, and eggplants. After this minor break we continued to support the community in their construction endeavors. Eventually we bid our farewells to Suarez and travelled back to our humble abode. We were given an hour to rest and rejuvenate to keep our spirits fresh. Revitalized and ready, we journeyed into the city with our companions. Many gathered at the local ice cream shop, Bon’s, as this haven provided shelter from the heat.

In the spirit of bonding, our free time was followed by time for leisure in the accommodations. As the night reigned on, our appetites resurfaced. Thus, we voyaged off to Rosaura’s for a light meal of hard boiled eggs, mash potatoes, lentils, and a refreshing glass of ice cold lemonade. We concluded the day with our nightly meeting back at the accommodation.

As the moonlight shines upon us, we fondly reflect on the laughs we shared, the sweat we dripped, the moments we created, and the Suarez family we will forever love and belong to.

With kind regards,

Camyll, Kaylee & Sarah