Today’s blog was written by our Líderes del Día Hannah and Nolan

Today we worked on our community action project at CECAINI and did english tutoring. The murals we are working on are mostly completed, finishing touches will be done tomorrow. The murals were completed quicker than we thought, which we are really happy about. The book shelf and the planter box are completed and are in the process of being stained/painted. Both the bookshelf and planter box were built with hammer and nails and it made us realize how much easier it would have been if we used an electric drill. The garden is almost done and all that is left is to take out a few more rock piles and take out some garbage. We are using some of the tires that CECANI already had to make them into mini planter boxes. After our work at CECANI, we had english tutoring and during english tutoring, we taught pronouns, verbs, seasons, shapes, and months. Seeing the kids so eager and excited to learn makes the entire group really happy.

Today CECAINI received a truckload of donated food for the students, donated by the Dominican Republic’s federal government.