After a long day of working on our Community Action Project (CAP) yesterday, we dragged everyone out of their beds, bright and early, at 7:30am. Once we filled our stomachs with Dilenia’s eggs and toast, we headed back out to Colonia Kennedy. Throughout the morning, half of our group hauled buckets and wagons of dirt from a nearby lot to our site to fill up the gazebo base we built yesterday. The other half worked on cleaning the park up and making space for the flowers we will plant tomorrow. When 12:30pm rolled around, we gathered with community members and enjoyed another meal by DIlenia: rice and meatballs. At about 1:20pm, we got together for a quick energizing game before rushing back to work on the CAP project. We continued the same roles and worked on creating a chess table from cement blocks until 3:30pm when we got on the bus to drive back to Dilenia’s.

After a nice shower and freshening up, we met up with another Global Glimpse group from California and went to English Tutoring. There, we were able to show them how we ran our classrooms and teach them how they would be able to better their lessons. We bonded with the Californian students a lot from comparing our different experiences here in Constanza and talking about our goals after high school. After two hours of tutoring and bonding with both our students and the California group, we walked back to Dilenia’s for dinner. We then had our nightly meeting and passed the Lider Del Dia (LDD) torch to Shane, Yadhira, and Abi.