Hey yall! It’s Amanda and Emily and we’re your LDDs (Líderes del Día) for today. We started off the day a little tired because we had to wake everyone up at 6AM. We guess it wasn’t that bad cause we got to see the sun rise. After everybody got up, we took our daily walk to Rosaura’s for a delicious breakfast. Then we took a short bus ride while listening to Disney songs to Jinova for our second day of CAP (Community Action Project). Today, we got down to business immediately, as we had all the materials we needed. In the 5 hours that we worked, we finally saw the project come together. The classroom and exterior committee finished painting the bench committee came close to finishing their 6 benches, and the concrete committee made extensive progress. 


We then said our goodbyes to the community and headed back to the accomodation for a quick break and then traveled to our last day of English tutoring. During the break, some of us went to the supermarket to buy some snacks for the farewell party. After teaching for about an hour, each class celebrated their time together, and then said their final goodbyes. 🙁 We all will sincerely miss our students and will never forget them. <3

Then we walked to Rosaura’s for a yummy dinner containing avocado, eggs, seasoned potatoes, and chicken salami. Back at the accommodation, we had our nightly meeting, and the torch was passed to the next LDDs. Good night! Time to recharge for tomorrow! We look forward to our final CAP day and can’t wait to see the completed project!


PS Mom, Dad, Sisters, Edna, and Steven, I miss you and see you soon! -Emily

PPS Dad, Mom, and Aaron, I miss yall and I know you guys miss me too!! :)) -Amanda

PPPS We kinda don’t want to leave. :((