Saludos de Nicaragua,

Today was an amazing day for the whole Global Glimpse team. We definitely learned a lot about each other today, but mainly that many of us are extremely supportive of one another.


Today, the Glimpsers headed to Cañon de Somoto for a challenging hike and terrifying jump off of a 35 foot cliff. The day started early at 6:45 a.m. when the group headed to the usual Buffet Estelí expecting Gallo Pinto, only to find out that the quintessential Nicaraguan breakfast had been replaced by Cornflakes de Colores (Froot Loops). Breakfast proved to be very light, and after arriving in the city of Somoto, most of the group headed to Palí, a supermercado (supermarket), to purchase snack such as cheese puffs, oreos, and M&MsTM. After munching down their snacks, the Glimpsers strapped on their life vests, ready for the trail ahead.


The first stop was to cross a river with a strong current. The students all grabbed onto a very thin rope and walked one by one, safely across the seemingly perilous death trap. Once across, the students, in the blazing heat, trekked up a mountain to a mirador (viewpoint) (picture). The Glimpsers, intertwined in a heroic battle with Mother Nature, fought their way through forestry and ants while also combating the mountain’s stubborn slopes. Thankfully, before the students fell to their doom, others rushed to their aid. Once at the bottom, the Glimpsers were required to squish and squash their way through piles of slippery, vile mud. Of course, being the courageous, compassionate, committed, and savvy travelers that they are, the Glimpsers came out better than ever.


Next was the boat ride on Nicaragua’s “Lazy River”. Fortunately, none of the four boats tipped over due to a Glimpser “rocking the boat” because you know you’re not supposed to “rock the boat, don’t rock the boat….baby.” As if the river, mountain and mud gods looked down upon us and said “You know what? Let’s make this a little more difficult,” sure enough there proved a more treacherous challenge. When the Glimpsers departed the boat, they were met with a rock wall that they were forced to climb around. Thankfully, no Glimpsers plummeted to their demise (a four foot drop into the water) and all made it safely over. Yay! For their final confrontation, the Glimpsers were given a chance to jump off of a cliff. The cliff, however, varied in size from 15 to 35 feet and the only way off was to jump into the murky abyss of the flowing water below. At the front, was one of the leaders of the day, Adrián A.K.A. Tarzan. Behind were many other Glimpsers.


After a relaxing float down the lazy river, the Glimpsers hiked back up to the starting point. There, they were met with lunch, only 3 hours late. Subsequently, the Glimpsers headed back to Estelí and were met with a surprise dinner. PIZZA! HUZZAH! The Glimpsers were very happy to eat “American” food especially after defeating the imminent danger earlier that day. Soon after, the Glimpsers rode the bus back to the Hostel to have their Nightly Meeting. The leaders then passed the torch on to the amazing Sam!


What turned out to be most surprising to us (Nic and Adrián) was that most Glimpsers were so quick to help one another. Even if they were not entirely confident of the task they were to perform, every Glimpser was ready with a hand out. We are so proud of everyone today for conquering any fear they might have had. Whether it be slipping through the mud, crossing the river, or jumping off of the cliff, every Glimpser overcame a personal challenge. All in all it was a great day!


Tiffany enjoying the Cañon.

Tiffany enjoying the Cañon.

Sam seems to be having a great time hiking up the mountain

Sam seems to be having a great time hiking up the mountain.