As Day 13 comes to end, we have finally made it to the end of our trip in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic. Today we started off with a 7am wake up call and then had breakfast at 8am. We then went on a journey throughout town and went to 2 souvenir shops then to Melaza smoothie shop. And after that, we headed back to the ranch and enjoyed lunch at 12pm. After lunch we got started on our final reflection and did a variety of activities like “Big Love”  papers (a big love is a shoutout to someone in the group)  and passed it around and received big loves from everybody in the group. Afterwards we did an activity called “Shoulders” were we had to tap the shoulders of those who the statements read out loud applied too (For example, tap the shoulder of someone who inspires you). We also did a drawing activity to prompts and shared with our small groups. We then did our final trip survey since our trip has come to a end. After we had a litle bit of free time to do as we pleased and then we had dinner where we enjoyed burgers and french fries. We ended our night with our final nightly meeting where we went over our day, shared our roses & thorns as well as a plus and wish for me (the LDD) and the group and I passed the torch to our wonderful health coach Adri. And as this trip comes to a end, I am grateful for everything I have experienced and learned on this trip. Also, I am grateful for all the new things I have tried on this trip and the new people that I have met. I enjoyed this new experience and I hope to do something like this again.

P.S – Mommy, Sydney & Dad I miss you guys a lot. I will be home soon enough Love You Guys.