Today was our second free day! Although I didn’t get to be with everyone, the time with these amazing people was well spent. There was a variety of places that everyone went to today, such as the internet cafe, souvenir shop, town plaza, restaurants (approved by Global Glimpse of course), etc. Many of us took advantage of this free day to call home and talk to our families about our adventures of this past week! After our first block of free time, we headed back to the hostel for lunch and waited until 1 to watch the local news. 1:00 rolled around and we waited about twenty minutes until the thing we were waiting for came on: US! INSFOP called the local media to report on us and our CAP Project in the local community, so all of Estelí was aware that we were here to help a community in need. Christa and Ena, our Program Coordinators, were interviewed, as well as a couple of student delegation members. They showed pictures and videos of our project and informed the people of Estelí about our work. After that, we headed for our second block of free time. We came back, had dinner, and headed to our second-to-last class of English Tutoring. We ended the night with our Nightly Meeting, and were quickly met with a brief power outage that gave us another wonderful memory.