Global Business Day 2:
Today’s activities centered around the idea of eco-tourism. Our focus was to not only learn about eco-tourism, but to learn why it has experienced such rapid growth in the past few years. After going on a field trip to experience eco-tourism first hand, we focused on forming a plan for the completion of our community action project.
In order to learn about the importance of preserving our environment, we visited Rancho Los Alpes. Rancho Los Alpes is a unique ranch that houses families on the land, and facilitates all types of eco-tourism in Nicaragua. The owner of the ranch, Alma Ureuyo, showed us an educational video about the types of activities and services the ranch performed when we first arrived. To demonstrate these activities, we split into three different groups and visited families that lived on the ranch. While there, we got the opportunity to perform some of the daily activities the families do. We all attempted to milk cows and make tortillas while there. To make the tortillas, we had to grind up the corn, knead the grinded corn together, and shape the tortillas. After they were cooked, we got to eat the delicious tortillas, and taste all the hard work we put into making them. After working, we all got the chance to sing karaoke. Our group sang songs like Carry on my Wayward Son, Thriller, My Heart will go on, Lean on Me, and many others. Everyone had a really great time and we learned a lot from working with the local families.
After our field trip, we split into groups to discuss our community action project. By working together, we were able to formulate a presentation and work out all the problems we were facing in order to complete an action plan. By calculating what we need to buy and the time frame to buy the materials, we made a plan to ensure the successful completion of our project. More updates on our community action project will come as we enter the deliver step of our project in the next few days.
Today was a major success for all the glimpsers. We learned the importance of protecting the environment when participating in eco-tourism. Through environmental awareness and knowledge of global business, we can become better global citizens. By being the leader of the day, I learned the importance of communication, organization, and time management. Overall, we had a very productive and fun day! A special hello to all my family and friends in Sebastopol.