Hello friends and family 🙂

We had an early morning, waking up around 7:30 and eating eggs, bread, and fruit. At 8:50 we loaded onto the bus and headed for Mata de Cadillo. We were warmly welcomed by the community members who were ready to lend a helping hand. Today was a very productive work day on our CAP project—the base for the fogón (outdoor stove) for the community was built, the design for our table was started, and the walls for the kitchen are almost finished. Also, the lunch prepared by our lovely cooks Antonia and Juliana was delicious.

After working until 2:30, we rushed home to prepare for our second to last day of English tutoring. All groups had pretty successful lessons, and the students were sad to hear it was our second-to-last day with them. Our nightly meeting was blissfully short—after a brief reflection, we passed the torch for Líder del Día to Abby and Gianna! Although we were very tired by the end of the meeting, we managed to end the day on a high note with a successful scavenger hunt led by Emma and Hannah (Team Losers for the win!)

P.S. Thanks Mom for being the first comment on ALMOST every post. I love and miss you all. – Jessica
P.P.S. Mom I really need a spicy Chick-fil-A sandwich when I get home. Give Noodle and other family members my love. – Ava

Anjali and Jordan flexing their huge muscles

Rich putting in 420% effort

Mathieu and Abby working hard in the fogón area

Anjali, Natalie, and Yadira also working hard for the fogón

Jishnu, Natalie, Jordan, Abby, and Bella on shovel crew

RIch, Jishnu, and Alfredo posing inside the soon-to-be kitchen

Marvin, CJ, and Mathieu posing with cement

CJ, Lorenzo, and Mathieu actually mixing the cement

Mathieu, Lorenzo, and Gianna taking a break with the fogón (that wooden table)

Natalie, Abby, Clara, Jessica, Ava, Anjali, and Skylar filling in the cracks in the table

Mathieu filling the wheelbarrow with cinder blocks

Justin and Marvin being buds 🙂

Working on the rain canal

Table crew and Fabian filling in the cracks, part 2

Yadira, Abby, and Skylar shoveling featuring Mathieu playing Minecraft in real life 

Progress on kitchen walls

LDDs and friends