This morning the group woke up around 7:30am to get ready for the second and last fun day. Although breakfast was a few minutes behind, everyone stayed on schedule. The awesome itinerary had a field trip for us to go to a recreational area called Vida Joven, but before boarding the bus we had our final count off and triple checked our supplies, especially toilet paper. Our insanely talented bus driver picked us up right on time for a half an hour ride.

Since it was still early, the skies were cloudy and rain fell for a couple hours. As the bus driver turned onto the dirt trail to Vida Joven, everyone had second thoughts about this fun day. We got off the bus and waited inside the cafeteria until the leaders finished speaking to the staff. An energizer was requested, so we played a game called bang bang. It was fun and definitely something that gave the group energy. Some of us also went to the restroom while others tried to learn how to dougie. Now that was a sight to see. After the restroom break, Mike and Denis led us through a tight path to play some games, but some of us couldn’t make it due to health conditions and injuries. So, the group split into two and agreed to meet up later in the day for lunch.

The groups met up at a dock where the kayaks were placed and before you knew it we were all in the water struggling. A couple groups ran into each other, but it was all good fun and nobody was hurt. There was three people to a kayak for a while, but some of us were tired and traded off. There was a pool table, an air hockey table, a gym, and a nice area for relaxing. Everyone split up into groups and did their own thing for a while. Some of the guys played basketball with a couple girls as their cheer squad. Another group had a tag team game of pool going on while there was a line for air hockey. The rest of us were either still kayaking or sleeping soundly on the dock. As the sun came out everybody seemed more cheerful. It turned out to be a beautiful day at Vida Joven.

We gathered in the cafeteria for lunch, which was chicken, rice, salsa, and chips. The perfect combination of food in order for us to have some more fun. While we ate, other groups from the United States greeted us. There were pre-med students and a few other tourists. The staff told us that Vida Joven is where most visitors come to see because it’s one of the most exciting places to be in Jinotega. After lunch, we were able to go off again and just enjoy our few hours left of the camp. It was a very productive day for each and every person because nobody stuck to just one thing. Groups that played basketball also switched out to go to a maze while the kayak group jumped into the gym. Even our bus drivers were having a great time as they swam in the water. Their kayak fight didn’t end too well, but it was incredibly entertaining. A few girls took pictures and fell asleep on the dock, again. A couple people skipped pebbles and others played games like Contact while there was a leadership meeting. All these activities made us tired and we were all ready to get back on the bus to go home.

The minute we got back it seemed as if everyone found some extra strength because of the fact there was free time. Two groups left, one for the call center and another for more food. The snack of the day was oreos and peanut butter. After 45 minutes, dinner was ready and we feasted. Since it was a little late, the group decided to have our nightly meeting the same time as dinner, which worked out well. As leader of the day, I passed the torch onto the next leaders by making them limbo! It was a fun nightly meeting. After the unity clap, we gathered together for a seminar on Working Like A Local for the next day. They explained that we’d be in groups doing some hard labor, so most of us went right to bed.

My peers and I learned to have fun with what we have. If there’s a will, then there’s a way. I believe everyone found something to do that made them smile and gave them a chance to relax after a difficult weekend. The most surprising thing was seeing other travelers there because we didn’t expect Vida Joven to be such a well known place. I’m proud of everyone for actually getting up and around to play sports and do something new over there. Also, we took care of each other and I think that made us all closer. Being El Lider Del Dia was a great experience because I was able to feel the stress and responsibility of somebody who does it everyday. It’s not as difficult as most people would expect it to be, but it is definitely not easy. I learned that I have a lot of room to grow not only as a leader but as person. There’s more for me to encounter and I’ll be able to use this day as a guide for my future.

June 18, 2013