Buenas, amigos y familiares! As the sun sets on the beaches and volcanoes of Leon, kids living, learning, and thriving on the grounds of Barrilete will sleep looking at the murals painted by fellow glimpsers. And as each one of us sleeps, we hope that the kids will dream bigger dreams and hope for better tomorrows looking at the revolving seasons and nightly skies.

Today, after three days of exhaustive and tiring hard work, we finished our Community Action Project (CAP). The murals for the boys and girls room at Barrilete came out as wondrous works of art. The outside space also matched in its grandeur; the tires, pots, speed bump were colorfully adorned to match the spirit of Barrilete. The shelves/closet constructed by hand with the help of community members were also furnished and ready for used today too. It took us lots of time and energy to make our visions into designs then deliver them successfully. The creativity group put the final touches on their paintings as the construction crew worked tirelessly to attach the closet space next to the shelves. With the help of other Glimpsers, they also painted over the wood. The Glimpsers working on the beautification of the outdoor space were mixing colors and panting over tires at the same time too (sometimes ants, flies, and plants RIP). As we wrapped up our CAP, we were given hugs of appreciation from the young kids at Barrilete. And like always, they waited outside to wave goodbyes to us on our departing bus.

After Barrilete, we arrived at our hostel to take showers, have free time, and prepare for English tutoring. We then headed to dinner at Immabite then to the University of Leon to teach our respective classes. For two hours, we stood in front of younger and older Nicaraguan students teaching them our prepared lessons. Although, everyone was tired, we all had energy and positive attitude.

More than anything today, we, with our CAP made a difference in this world, no matter how small. Our only hope is that we will continue to make small or big differences in our communities home.

Gracias, Elie + Vanessa

P.S. Bigger view of our mural! (the featured pic):