Hi Families and Friends! Jaisleen and Aditi here 🙂

So today, we had an early wake-up call at 7 AM and transported to El Llano around 9:30 AM to continue working on  our coummunity project. Today we carried around cement blocks and made cement from scratch to start building the walls, also some good news on that topic; a politician in the upcoming election for the year of 2020 heard about our CAP project for this community and decided to donate money to us so we could buy more materials and do an even better job, not only that but the money created a long-term sustainable project for the community to continue even after we leave. It’s amazing to see how much our work has affected people.

We left El Llano around 2 PM after having lunch and had explore time in the city of Jaraboca until 6 PM. During that time, a lot of us ate some burgurs while other just wandered and took in the views or bought souviners for family back home. Almost all of us now know how to get around the city without asking for directions or having the ambassadors with us. We’re getting a lot closer to the locals and community members of Jarabacoa which makes it even harder to think about leaving so soon.

After explore time we all headed back to the accomodation and had some time to freshen up. After that we all had dinner and cut a cake for Julio’s birthday, one of our PC’s.

Today was a day filled of hardwork, laughter and exhaustion, but it’s all worth it when we got to see the community members faces while working. We’re all taking in the last few days before we leave and say goodbye to this amazing and loving community, but we’re all excited to see our family members and friends! See you guys soon.

PS: Love you ma, see you soon! -Jasu

Posing for a picture after hard work

Glimpsers learning how to lay the foundation from the locals

Aditi and Jazzy posing for picture during a water break

Quick game of baseball during the snack break at El Llano

Bonding with the locals

The boyz hard at work