Hey family and friends,

It’s Gab and Vic here in Constanza on our day 14 of being away from you guys. Today is CAP day 3, the last day to finish our projects at CECAINI school. We woke up at a semi decent time, 7:30 am to be exact, and had a family breakfast before heading out to work.

After gathering all the supplies needed to finish our projects we got to CECAINI at around 9:30 am and started working right away with no energizer needed. Today was a busy day for the school and us because while we were trying to finish our projects the school was also being used by kids and parents of the community. We managed to finish the murals on the outside walls of the school that brought much color to the entrance. The gardening group put in much effort and managed to reorganize the school’s garden by making a planter box and planting some new plants. They also made a cute little blue book shelf with little paintings on it that will used to store books that kids can check out and read whenever they’d like. Since we had extra paint, we started  painting a wall on the inside of the school blue to paint the Dominican national anthem. However, we underestimated how fast clouds can drop rain and had to stop all production, except the filling of our planter box. All hands were on deck, ignoring the down pour and continued to look like pigs rolling in mud trying to finish a project.

Prepping the inside wall for the mural with the national anthem.



Some of the new plants we bought for the garden including an orange tree!

We tried to wait out the rain in order to fully finish and present the projects to the community but the rain was stronger than we anticipated and we were caught in the middle of a storm.This storm didn’t stop us from having a good time, I mean when we are all together it’s always a good time. Kids from the community came running over to play in the water, and play with us. They never fail to put a smile on our faces. We were able to escape but not forgetting BIG LOVE for Eufemia (the school principal). We hopped on the bus and drove back to Dilenia’s, our second home. Once home most of us took a shower to freshen up, and after we had about 4 hours of free time. During that time we hung out like the family we’ve become. With only one day left on our amazing journey, we tried to make every minute last.

Our murals almost finished.

P.S. Although I have my family and friends waiting for me back home, Dilenia’s and everyone in this trip have become like my second family. I will miss each and every one that made this trip unforgettable. Love, Gabi.

P.S. There is not a day where my family is not in my head and my heart. I am counting the days until I am reunited with you, but i’m crying at the fact that I wont wake up to these amazing people every morning. Love always, Victoria.

Gabs and Vic OUT!!