Today we worked together as a team to finish the community action project in Loma De Yaque. We started and finished the mural of the Dominican flag and had people of the community put there thumb prints on the wall. We also smoothed out the edge of the sidewalk using cement and painted hopscotch on the sidewalk as well. We compacted dirt in front of the school so that it wasn’t muddy and put up the flag pole. Finishing the project was a long and exhausting process but seeing the finished product and how it impacted the community was truly rewarding. Everyone for the most part pulled their weight and I couldn’t be more proud of each and everyone of us. As the trip is coming to close I am sad it is ending but i think we can all agree we are ready to go home, get of this heat and enjoy a nice warm shower.

Kimberley- When I was chosen to be be leader of the day I was very nervous, this scared me because that would mean that I would have to take responsibility of the well being of the people in my group during our Cap 3 Delivery day and that meant a lot to me. However, being leader of the day has taught me to overcome my fears of leading a big group and I have gained leadership skills from this experience. During the afternoon after we finished our Cap Project I reflected on how lucky I am to be surrounded by amazing people who were very helpful to me when I doubted myself as leader del dia. This day has been a rough and tiring day but at the end it was all worth it, we all worked as a team and got the job done.

Emily- Being leader del dia has been an amazing experience i will never forget, i was so excited to take leadership of such incredible individuals. I was nervous at first but after seeing others in the group take leadership i was so excited to do the same. I tried my hardest to accommodate everyone and make sure everyone was drinking enough water and i feel like i succeeded. This trip has been an amazing experience and i wouldn’t want to experience it with anyone else because this group is amazing. The have allowed me to be myself and i’ve never opened up to a group of strangers this quickly in my whole life. To my family- I miss and love you all so much and i can not wait to see you all in just a couple days, i’m counting down the hours till i can see you all again!!!<3