Dear Loved Ones,

Today was muy caliente (very hot) and a productive day for us. We had to buy all of the materials for our service project for La Garnacha. For this project we are growing a vegetable garden for the local school and providing trash cans for the community. This will benefit the people in this community becasue it will allow proper nutrition for the children who attend the school and to clean up the town with the painted trash cans. In order to buy the materials we had to go to many local fereterias (hardware stores) to compare the prices for the items we needed (so we wouldn’t get ripped off). The materials that we had to purchase were a fence to surround the garden, nails/staples/screws, plastic trash cans, seeds, flowering pots, paint, and paint brushes. Thankfully, we successfully purchased all of these items, staying in our budget, with the help of one of our Global Glimpse leaders Javier. After this, we allowed the group to roam around Esteli (freetime); some went to the local bakery, the Internet Cafe, the grocery store, the coffee shop, and many other stores. After freetime, the whole group had to go to the Casa de La Cultura where they taught their English Class. An hour and a half later, we left for a typical meal (dinner) of gallo pinto (rice and beans), Papas (mashed potatoes), and pantains (fried bananas) at Alfreditos. After dinner we had our regular nightly meeting then bonded with each other with several games played with cards.

I love and miss you so much Mommy! Hope you are having fun a D.C. with your sororrity sisters! If I am not able to call you tomorrow, Happy Birthday! Love you and I can’t wait to see you on Tuesday:) -Amani Jones

Cant wait to see you mom! Ill try to call you soon because I miss you so much! Love you and see you in 5 days! – Monica Pereznegron