Hello everyone back home! It’s Amy, and I was Lider Del Dia on our full last day here in Estelí. We started our morning at around 7:00 a.m. today and had a lovely breakfast that consisted of eggs, plantains, gallo pinto, and juice. Today we got to present who our secret buddy was, and we shared some nice things we noticed about them when working on CAP. From around 9 to 12 we had a closing trip reflection that included some activities. We got about 4 hours of free time today. We split up into small groups, walked around the city, and some of us bought MORE souvenirs. My group included Stephanie, Mika, Carla, and James. We bought a few things at the artisan shop, snacks at La Colonia, and ice cream at Eskimo. Since it was our last day, we had dinner at a fancy restaurant called Vuela Vuela. After dinner we went to English tutoring and celebrated with our students. I teach the beginning English class of small children with Celia, Diamond, and Briana. We had a small party with them, and it was super hard to say goodbye to them because they didn’t want us to leave. We took pictures with them, and gave them lots of hugs. A few of them presented us with gifts, which was so kind of them. Finally we had our very last nightly meeting. I’m very happy to be going home, but I am also sad to be leaving this amazing group of people. I am very proud of everyone, and I know that we will all be doing amazing things later in life. Hasta luego E1B! I will miss you all!