Today was the last day of our CAP Delivery Project, and our last full day in Bonao. We woke up at 7 am and for breakfast; we had pancakes and eggs. After that at 9 am, we took the bus to Los Arroyos and added the finishing touches to our CAP project. We mainly focused on the garden, especially when community members helped us plant fruits and vegetables that can be used for the kids in the school year. We planted things, such as: cacao, avocado, pineapples & watermelons. We also beautified the area around the basketball court, so that it can be safe for the kids. As we did that, community members were working to finish constructing the basketball hoop by creating a mold for cement.

Before the backboard was installed, we decided to sign our names and decorate it. After lunch, we continued to work. and had some free time with the community of Los Arroyos. Together we danced, talked and interacted with the locals we have come to know. We then took the time to share community big love by showing our gratitude for this hard working community and handing out certificates to those who helped us through our project.

After that, we headed to the hostel for our group reflection on CAP. We all seemed to have gotten something truly meaningful out of the CAP experience, and it was nice to hear each others thoughts about the work we had done.

The other exciting and special thing that happened today was a graduation ceremony for the English Tutoring classes. Since we are the last delegation here in Bonao this summer the tutoring lessons are over until next year. The ceremony was full of great performances and inspirational speakers, including Eliza herself! There was also a raffle! One of our students received a great scholarship for classes at an English school. We celebrated our students hard work by eating cake and taking lots of pictures!

After graduation, we had our last nightly meeting. This was an overflow of big love and tears from not only glimpsers but from the coordinators, leaders and all our special guests. We just can’t believe two weeks have gone by so fast!

Once we got some of the hugs and tears out the way, we went out to eat at Freddy’s Empanadas. After we ate, we were surprised by Leury and Miguel with a party bus that let us party and dance all night long through the streets of Bonao until we got tired.

Back at the hostel we ended the night by saying goodbye to the BEST GROUP OF AMBASSADORS! We will miss them so much! It was a later night than usual but full of good times and lots of smiles.



Weather: As usual, it was hot. However, thankfully there was no rain today. It got cooler at night when we were on our way out to eat.

Best Meal: The best meal was lunch because Licelot is a great cook! We had rice and beans, pork and salad!

Best Moment: Dancing on the party bus because we were able to enjoy our last night out with ambassadors and each other.

Biggest Takeaway: We feel so proud of our completed CAP project. What we have learned is that when you show enthusiasm in something and you put in effort, you can get what you want out of it. During this whole CAP project, we’ve smiled, laughed and enjoyed everything we’ve done for Los Arroyos. However, to know that our project was sustainable, that really warms our heart and will forever remain there!