Today we had our last free day, where we were able to explore the beautiful city of Esteli, Nicaragua. Most of us started our day off with an energizing dance class taught by the local dance teacher, Roberto. The dance studio was located above the fire station and a few fireman,the bomberos joined us in a heated dance battle. After the class we all returned to the hostel for a delicious lunch of Indio Viejo, which is a mixture of meat, veggies and cheese, served with rice and refreshing fresca de cacao. Then we all split up once again to buy more artisans, bread and gifts for our hostel staff and for the children at Fundacion Cristal. Around five o’clock we ate dinner at the hostel,then headed to english tutoring. Our journey to the school, while only a few blocks, left us soaked due to the pouring Esteli rain. During tutoring each class dedicated time to prepare for a good-bye talent show that we will have tomorrow. In our nightly meeting we reminded the group to savor these last few days we have together and to enjoy our Fun Day tomorrow. IMG_9139