Que lo que! It’s your LDDs here live from Jarabacoa, Mac and Nicole.

We started the day with a wake up call at 7am and breakfast at 7:30. We were on the move to our final day of our Community Action Project to finish the foundation of the community center with the remaining materials in the El Llano community. We continued to mix more cement and started to build up the walls. We are extremely thankful to the community members that paced themselves so that we could pick up the skills they had in order to complete the foundation. After a couple of hours of hard work, we had a lunch break and then had some bonding time with the community, where we danced the merengue with the community members as a small band played some songs. It was wonderful seeing all of those happy faces during our final day in El Llano. It was such a rewarding project, and all of the Glimpsers felt proud that they were able to provide the funds and labor to start something that the community has wanted for so long but was unable to achieve.

Later that day, we walked to the high school for the last time to watch our students graduate to the next level of English tutoring. As members of the last Global Glimpse delegation in Jarabacoa, we had the opportunity to watch our students walk across the stage to receive their certificates and present the awards. The graduation ended in typical Dominican fashion, with a talent show and lots of singing, dancing, food, and pictures. The hours of lesson planning paid off when multiple Glimpsers were approached and thanked by the families of the students and the students themselves. Not only have we learned how to teach English to students through English tutoring, but also responsibility and community. The bonds formed between the Glimpsers and the students had become so strong, so it was a happy but sad day for everyone.

Today was definitely a day of reflection and happy endings. We left two of our communities in the Dominican Republic that we have served and helped in some way. We are thankful for both of these opportunities and we and the other Glimpsers have learned so much from the people and experiences that we have encountered through these groups.

Adios familia y amigos! See you reallllllll soon ๐Ÿ˜‰

Dancing with the locals!

Graduation faces onnnn, especially Mac

Saul presenting Angie with a reward

Jun, Aditi, Ignacio, and John presenting their student with a certificate

Grad pic ๐Ÿ™‚

Us and the community of El Llano!!