Today’s blog was written by our Líderes del Día: Allira and Charlotte

Hello all,

Welcome to the final blog for C1A! We’re super excited to be writing to you all about our Despedida Day. Beginning with a wake-up call at 8:30, the Glimpsers had a nice chance to sleep in. For breakfast, we had eggs, toast, and Dilenia’s delicious hot chocolate.

Following the meal, we began our final seminar; it was a great opportunity for all of us to reflect on our trip and say our goodbyes. We discussed what we learned about ourselves, shared special moments, and gave our final Big Love. We also made plans of action for when we come home to continue the GG spirit.


Our lunch was rice, beans, steak, and the group’s favorite: fried plantains! Next, we had the final opportunity to explore the beautiful town of Constanza during our free time. Most of us bought sweets, souvenirs, and Dominican bracelets.

We then walked to our final tutoring session at Arroyo Arriba. We all held talent shows in our classes and shared some snacks with the students. We are so proud of how much progress they have made in the past sessions, and we were sad to leave them behind. However, we know that they will continue their English education with the next delegation.

Next, we walked to Antojitos D’Lauren’s – a local pizzeria. We ate pizza, which was a nice reminder of our homes, which we would soon see. Our Ambassadors also joined us before we all moved to the dance floor to enjoy some Latin and American music. Soon we had to leave to head back to Dilenia’s so we could prepare to go to a local basketball game, which happens every Friday and Saturday night.

Glimpsers at the basketball game!

This trip has been so amazing and eye-opening for us all. Although we are definitely ready to come home, we will miss our time spent in the DR dearly.

See you soon,

Allira and Charlotte