Hola fellow Global Glimpsers and blog readers! My name is Elizabeth Rivera, an upcoming senior from Independence High, who has been given this extraordinary opportunity to lead this amazing group of students on Free Day.

After eating a hearty breakfast, the Glimpsers were divided into small groups, each given the task of buying items for our CAP (Community Action Project). This year, the CAP project is focusing on building a playground for children in a small community located in the mountains of Rio Blanco, which local residents wish to transform into a beacon for education and creativity for generations to come.

Once the students embarked on their expedition to buy goods for the project, they bought paint, wood, gloves, goggles, and other supplies. Luckily, once the groups found their designated items, they were free to roam about the lively city of Bonao until lunchtime. After lunch, everyone was given free time, during which some students bought food and souvenirs for their loved ones. Others even got a haircut. Later, four students accompanied Don Esteban, from Rio Blanco, who is helping lead the CAP. Together, Esteban, Kizzie, Victor, Dominic, and I, bought supplies for the CAP project.

Meanwhile, students who stayed at the Foundacion taught English to local students. Most of our English students are very energetic and eager to learn. To put today in a nutshell, we bought the necessary supplies for the project, taught awesome students some English, and even got some extra time to roam around Boano and bond with our fellow Glimpsers.  I’m extremely satisfied with our progress today and am looking forward to the work and project results in the future.